Photo of Cheryl in Natarajasana, one-legged dancer pose.

Yoga to Balance:
Building Strength, Flexibility & Ease in Body and Mind

About Yoga To Balance

Photo of Cheryl in Salamba Sirsasana, supported headstand.

I chose the name Yoga to Balance because my yoga practice, and life focus, is all about finding balance on and off the mat.

Life is always throwing us off, dragging us in different directions, bombarding us with the feeling that what we have, or what we are, is not enough. The physical yoga practice (the poses, or "asanas") is like a microcosm of dealing with those challenges, forcing us to continually try something new (yoga offers a "next level" for even the most advanced practitioner), work within constraints (our ever-changing bodies), and be OK with imperfections. Yoga does all of this, and makes you feel great and build strength and flexibility at the same time!

I gravitate toward poses and a blended yang (active, muscular) and yin (slow, still, non-muscular) practice that challenges each individual to breathe deeply with their movement, move slowly and intentionally, find a bit of strength and a lot of expansiveness in their body, and end feeling more balanced physically and emotionally.

Over the years, yoga has carried me through a busy career as a corporate lawyer and centered me through other life changes; today it gives me strength, balance, and acceptance for myself and others.

I've been fortunate to train with many great teachers around the San Francisco Bay Area and completed my 200 hour adult teacher training with YOGAthletica in Los Angeles, under the inspiring Shana Meyerson. I've also completed a children's teaching component with mini yogis and a separate training with YEAS Yoga for teaching children with Autism Spectrum and other learning challenges.

When I'm off the mat, my two adorable small dogs, and my nearly as adorable husband, help me find balance between work, life, play, and love.

Photo of Cheryl in Vasisthasana variation, side plank with toe grab.


Yoga To Balance

3 One-Hour Private Sessions for $180*

* Introductory Package

Group Class Session

Sundays @ 9:00am Flow

The Yoga Fusion
2217 N San Ramon Valley Blvd
San Ramon, CA

I believe yoga has something to offer everyone, no matter where we are in life.

I teach group classes at The Yoga Fusion in San Ramon, located at 2217 N San Ramon Valley Blvd, San Ramon, CA. My most regular group session is Sundays adults yoga at 9:00am. The class incorporates flow and other dynamic movement, always changing to focus on different physical and mental aspects of the practice. I also regularly teach yin yoga classes, which focus on long, deep holds and opening up connective tissues, and incorporate yin into my practice. All levels welcome!

Photo of Cheryl in Upavistha Konasana, wide-legged seated forward bend.

I also offer a range of private sessions, for both children and adults, and travel without charge in the San Ramon, Danville and Alamo areas. Whether new to yoga or a practitioner of many years, just a few sessions of personalized instruction will improve your practice and allow you to focus on your own physical or mental goals, whatever they may be. And if you're thinking of yoga for your kids, read about the many benefits here, where I completed my kids training.

For adults, I offer an introductory package of 3 one-hour sessions for $180 and other packages and options from there. Please inquire for additional rates and small group options.


Yoga To Balance 925-999-0498 Yoga To Balance serves these towns and others for private yoga sessions:
  • San Ramon
  • Danville
  • Alamo
  • Walnut Creek
  • Castro Valley
  • Dublin
  • Pleasanton
  • Lafayette


Yoga with Cheryl will leave you feeling calm and relaxed but happy and energized. I cannot say enough good things about Cheryl and her practice. She won't just be an instructor you see every week, it will feel as if Cheryl is a friend you enjoy being around.

- Nick R.

I had the pleasure of several one on one yoga sessions with Cheryl and she was fantastic. It was my first time practicing post surgery and she made a point of asking specific questions about the procedure and where I was in the recovery. She had a very keen eye for form and offered great suggestions to help me transition to poses that were challenging to me.

- S.B.

I receive private lessons from Cheryl, and all I can say is that I always look forward to my day of yoga with her. She always asks what I would like to work on, and instantly creates a lesson based around that specific request, getting a full body work out. Her lesson is dynamic, with lots of movement.

I also love that Cheryl is motivating. She will assist in my alignment in poses and help me to push myself, such as encouraging me that I can do the strength building exercises and find the level of pose that works for me. Every lesson I feel rejuvenated and peaceful.

I highly recommend Cheryl. She is an amazing yogi.

- Ana J.

Whatever your experience with yoga or what you're looking to get out of it, Cheryl's awesome – she challenges you to achieve the balance we all seek. She's a fantastic instructor! In just several sessions, she helped refine my practice and achieve several of the goals we started with. I've loved my time with her and feel fortunate to have her for private instruction.

- P.Q.

Cheryl takes her time to understand my goals and help me achieve them. Her sessions challenge me and are specially geared for me. She is open-minded and humble and non-judgmental - that is why she stood out from other teachers and what drew me to train with her.

- S.S.